Darby Family Graduates

It has been a big weekend for the Darby family… We have 3 Darby Grandchildren graduate. 2 from College (1-Missouri State & 1- University of Missouri) and one High School Graduate (Sacred Heart). Being one of the graduates I know how crazy this weekend was and how proud I am of myself and my cousins for their wonderful accomplishments. It takes a great deal of hard work and dedication to graduate from both High School and College and I am proud of us all!! I would like to dedicate this blog to us three; myself, Sara and Connor.



Karla Ann Riggs

Karla is the daughter of Brad and Cindy Schuknecht of Lincoln, MO. She originally graduated from Smithton High School in 2009. After Graduation she started her college career at the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Agriculture Education. In 2011, Karla transferred from UCM to Missouri State University where she would finish her degree. Her Senior year of college she Student Taught at Logan-Rogersville High School. During her last week of student teaching she accepted a job at Northwest High School. Karla graduated from Missouri State University on May 17, 2013!

Sara Marie Kahrs

Sara is the daughter of Rusty and Linda Kahrs of Hughesville, MO. She was a 2010 graduate of Northwest High in Hughesville.  In the fall of 2010 Sara started college at the University of Missouri- Columbia pursuing a degree in Textile and Apparel Management. As a college student she was an active member in her Sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. With hard work and many summers of summer classes Sara was able to graduate a year early from Mizzou. Her Senior Year of college she was involved in many fashion shows and created many Amazing and Original Designs, many can be seen on her Facebook Page Art by Sara Kahrs. Sara graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia on May 19, 2013.


Connor Anthony Simon

Connor is the son of Tom and Karen Simon of Sedalia, MO. This year Connor graduated from Sacred Heart High School. While at SHS he enjoyed Speech and Debate, Sports, and preformed in a musical, as well as many other activities. At Graduation Connor was rewarded many outstanding scholarship and honors. Next year Connor plans on attending University of Missouri-Columbia to pursue a degree in Engineering. He was accepted into the Honors College and will do doing First Year Research with a Professor  at the University. Connor graduated from Sacred Heart High School May 19, 2013.



It has taken a great deal of hard work but we did it!!

We are Graduates at last!!!


I am proud of each of my cousins that have

graduated this weekend, we will on go on a do great


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My College Career… Photo Reflection

Many of you already know that Friday May 17th I graduated from College!! It was a wonderful experience and a huge step in my life and career. So I thought I would take a few minutes and reflect on my College Career. I hope you enjoy the pictures that will sum up some of the greatest memories of my college career!!

Freshman year Animal Husbandry Class. Me and my heifer Special K (She was evil!!!)

My classmates. We all started together as nervous freshman, I am beyond glad they were in my class freshman year idk what I would do without them now!!!

One of our many fishing trips Sophomore year… we were a little obsessed!!!

Kaley and I at our trip to the John Deere place in Illinois

End of Sophomore year. That year was quite a mess I’m super glad I had these people in my life to help make it through!

After my Sophomore year of College I transferred to Missouri State University!!! At that point in time I met a group of new and possibly even wilder people…

Agriculture Education Majors…. This is at our class Christmas Party… Ugly Sweater was the theme!!!


Missouri State Logo!!


I started a Mule and Graduated a Bear!!! Go Bears!!


Before my Junior Year of College when I was transferring to Missouri State I talked with my Advisor who was a good friend of my family and told him that I would one day change “Karl’s Hall” to the more fitting “Karla’s Hall”

So here it is the more fitting name of the late “Karl’s Hall” it is now renamed by me “Karla’s Hall”


I am very thankful of my family for helping me make it through college, through all the difficult times and the transfer/moving to a different college.


My loving and supportive husband who will be graduating from Missouri State in December!!!



After 2 short years at Missouri State and 4 year of College I am finally a College Graduate!!!

Well that pretty much wraps it up…. I am a

College Graduate from Missouri State



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Im A Missouri State Graduate!!!!




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Im A Missouri State Graduate!!!!




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DIY… can you guess what it is?

Can you guess what the project is? Ill give you a few hints…
need another one?


How about another…..
I know you getting close…. okay one more!!
Now give me your best guess!!!

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Mother’s Day!! Photo Blog

Today is the day that we get to honor all of our amazing mothers! I decided to dedicate this post to the amazing women in my life. I would like to first start off with my own mother!

Baby Karla Ann, Brad & Cindy


With out my other I would not be where I am today. Not only because she had to give birth to me but because of my  mothers, and fathers, unconditional support throughout my life. Even when they didn’t always agree with what I was doing. For example, when I was a cheerleader Sophomore year lol. But they still came to game and cheered me on! They have been there from getting bit by a dog, cutting my thumb on ten, getting hit by a rock and needing stitches. People wondered if these were all accidents, they were I was just that clumsy! She taught me how to show cattle, how to sew, and so much more. My mother passed on to me her passion for Agriculture and being a teacher. It was because of her being a wonderful role model that I chose to be an Agriculture Teacher and that I will graduate Friday May 17th with my degree. I am even more proud to say that I am following in her footsteps and will be teaching not only at the High School she graduated at but also I will be teaching where she taught.

graduation (18)

High School Graduation


When I ran for Miss Charolais USA



My bottle calf



Riding horses


Mom, Jessica, and me…. We are lucky girls


No matter what I need or when I need her she is always there for me. Even when I’m 22 and married she still came to Springfield to take care of me when I got my wisdom teeth taken out…. How sweet!!!


Family Picture American Royal 2009

Besides my mother there are also these amazing women…


This is my Grandma Darby. She also taught me how to sew and cook. She was a Home Economic teacher at Northwest High School. That I will soon be teaching at. My favorite memories of her are going over to their house and asking if I can use the phone to call my cousin Sara. Then Sara would come over and we would play all kinds of games. It ranged from playing kitchen or restaurant with all her dishes. Or playing with all of the fun toys in the closet. We played high school, one of us would be the Secretary, that person typed the weekly newsletter and lunch schedule on the type writer, then the other one would be the Principal who would deal with all the “phone calls” to the parents. haha we were so fun. Then grandma would make us a snack, I loved sliced apples with no peel lol.






This is my Grandma Schuknecht. I love this woman very much!!! Growing up I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her because we lived a little ways away but I remember staying there over the summer and we would play all the games in her closet, we would do a lot of fun crafts to. Plus all the outside activities we got to do we had bubbles, chalk, and so much more. Luckily when I went to College at UCM I got to spend even more time with my Grandma. I moved in with her and she told me all kinds of stories about my dad, my grandpa, and some of me lol. She was so awesome. She would pack me breakfast and lunch. I know what you’re thinking… I was the coolest college student EVER!!! I am so thankful for both of these wonderful women and I am so bless to be their granddaughter!!







The last women I want to mention is my Mother-In-Law. I want to thank her mostly for raising an amazing son that has now become my husband, but also for welcoming me into her family and always making me feel like part of the family. It is amazing to have such amazing in-laws that support you 100%. I am so glad to have her in my life now she is such a fun-loving woman.

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God is Good…..

I can’t believe how fast my Senior year has gone by. It has been one of the best years of my College Career that’s for sure. I am truly blessed to have been able to follow my dreams and become an Agriculture Teacher. There have defiantly been a lot challenges along the way but there are even more things that I am thankful for. One of the biggest things that I am thankful for is my supportive family, friends and Supervising Teachers.

This year I was placed at Logan-Rogersville High School for my student teaching experience. There were many amazing moments during my student teaching. It was a wonderful 2 teacher program and 2 student teacher. It was great learning how a multiple teacher department works and how important communication was. It was also great to have another girl in the department and someone who I knew to vent to on days that the kids drove me nuts!!!! Casteel (the other student teacher) and I would often ride together to and from school and even though it was only a 15 minute drive (at the most) but man we could do a lot of venting in that short period of time lol.

My experience at Logan-Rogersville was truly amazing and helpful but it was time to move on and get a job!! The stressful part. I had gone to a few interviews and everything I would either really dislike the school or build my life plan around the school. Each time though I would keep telling myself that God has a plan for me and when the right job come open then I will know, it was just a matter of waiting…..

Well I’m EXCITED to announce that I found

my JOB!!

I grew up outside of Sedalia, MO and went to Smithton High School….. I know what you might be thinking “She got a job at her high school.”… but no that’s not right. I got a job at Northwest High School in Hughesville, MO which was the neighboring school to Smithton’s District. My cousins lived 5 miles down the road and they went to Northwest High School. Not only that by my mother and her sisters graduated from Northwest High School. Wait it gets better my Grandmother, Mother, and Cousin have all taught at Northwest High School and now I will be able to carry on that tradition!! I am so excited to be a Northwest Mustang!!


 Unfortunately will all this excitement there is one downfall. Because Derek is a year younger he will still be in college finishing his degree. Luckily he will hopefully be graduating in December and not in May, until then I will be living at my parents in their guest house and he will be living in Springfield 😦 Many people ask how we are going to manage, and yes it’s going to be tough because we have not really been that far apart for a long period of time but I figure that if families in the military can survive deployments and become a stronger couples then we can as well. Plus we will only be 2 hours away and we can visit each other when ever we want… as long as we don’t have work or school.

I am very proud of us and our accomplishments. We are both on the right track to achieving our dreams and being the successful people we set out to be!


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March Madness- AG Teacher Style

I know it is a few days late because it is already April….. SERIOUSLY!! Well March has been a crazy month and those of you that know all about the life of an AG Teacher know why.


No we are not sitting around planning out brackets for basketball games, but rather planning (and possibly scouting) our Contest Season. Though planning and training for our crazy month started before March, but March is full of practice contest for or students to prepare for Districts and possible State CDE.

This being my first official year of training a team, I chose the meats team. While training I have also tried to learn a new contest and I chose Agronomy. I must say it has been crazy, I have had many challenges with my team. I started with 5 students, went down to 3 students and now added a 4th member. It has been a crazy adventure training these boys to get ready for tomorrow’s District Meats Contest and I must say I am probably more nervous than they are, but I hope they do their best! Every Saturday in March we traveled to a practice contest, we  had a few throughout the week that the students competed in. As fun as those contest were when I was a student competing myself as an Advisor they were not as much fun. It was a lot of sitting around and waiting for the students to be finished. Many people even though I was still a student as asked if I needed help finding my contest…. lol.

All of those early morning of being at the school before 6 o’clock and hitting the road was really tiring but hopefully it will be all worth it in the end. Overall I have been very proud our of teams this year, even those that I have not trained. So far 2 of our teams have qualified for state, very exciting!

Tomorrow will be another day, we have several more teams that are competing and hopefully we will have good news. After Districts we will be headed for State the 18-19.

I’m not sure which is crazier, watching basketball games and hoping our bracket is a winner or getting up before the sun and traveling to different contest every Saturday.

What can I say, it’s MADNESS, and I LOVE IT!!

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Yet Another Snow Day…


The snow outside our apartment, if you look close the guy under the tree is making a snowman.

Well this is the third snow day I’ve had as a student teacher and as much as I do enjoy the extra day off to relax and not go to work or school this is not the week to be out of school. This weekend is our first FFA contest and we are not ready at all! The kids have miss 3 days of school for snow plus we were quite busy last week with FFA week, which we had a wonderful time, but it was still challenging to keep everyone focused on what needed to be done. So as much as I do enjoy sitting on my couch watching Smallville and writing this blog, I am constantly thinking about all the stuff that my Meats Team should be doing but aren’t. So I hope these kids are having a wonderful day out of school because if we are in session again tomorrow they have a lot of work to do in order to get ready for the upcoming contest. They are going to learn they need to be more serious about it and start studying more. I can give them all the materials and all the knowledge I know but if they are willing to do some studying on their own and take the time to learn ID there isn’t much I can help them with.







Besides worrying about all my school stuff like I said I have been taking the day and relaxing and watching Smallville. I think I have mentioned before that Derek and I at big fans of Friends and own all the season but we are also collectors of Smallville and have all the season. Sometimes I think they just don’t make good shows like they use to but then again there are some pretty good ones out there. For instance I really do enjoy Once Upon A Time and Last Man Standing. Plus I find myself watching The Big Bang Theory a lot these days.




Timmy sleeping, this snow much have made the poor kid tired!






Some of the highlights of today was Derek was nice enough to make me lunch, just corndogs but at least I didn’t have to make it lol. I also had a mid-day snack of a wonderful warm chocolate brownie with a nice glass of chocolate milk. But man was it yummy! Today I am thankful for several things for instance, even though I wish I was home to enjoy the snow, I am here in my apartment where it is warm and I have electricity unlike many of my friends and family members back home. I hope they get it back soon because man it is cold outside!!


Well I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Enjoy you day, hopefully you don’t have to go out in

to the nasty weather and can stay home with you

family today!! Be careful!


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Snow Days!!!

This week I got to enjoy for the first time the life of a teacher on snow days!! I have to say it was nice to have a little vacation, even thought I can’t imagine how things are going to go next week since we didn’t get hardly anything finished this week. Between Presidents Day, FFA week and Senior skip day, my advance animal science class didn’t do anything animal science related this week.

Unfortunately, in Springfield we didn’t get all the snow like we did back home in Pettis county and we didn’t have a sled to go sledding. So I just enjoyed 2 days of being lazy!!! I did take the time to update my blog and make it more fitting for us and our upcoming years. I am actually pretty pleased the way it came out!

But when it comes to snow days I always think of Calvin and Hobbes and the snow sharks. I can’t wait to one day be home with all the snow so I can attempt to recreate the comic or just build a snowman with my cute puppy. For any of you that are home and have some snow, if you want to get creative and make my day go ahead and recreate this snow shark comic!!

I hope all of you that live in areas with a large amount of snow stay warm and safe. Also, enjoy your wonderful snow days!! 

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